Considering Hyperspectral Imaging For Agriculture

Technology in agribusiness continues to grow, just as the number of devices we use to connect with the Internet does. Unfortunately, many of these technologies remain fairly bleeding edge, but for the larger agribusiness company that is looking to make changes that can result in massive growth, but more importantly understanding, of crops and crop yields, there are quite a few higher end technologies.

A not so typical hyperspectral camera.

A not so typical hyperspectral camera.

One of the most exciting breakthroughs recently has been the use of Hyperspectral imaging as well as multispectral imaging in agriculture applications. This enables the …

Price To Subsidy Link Cited With Supply Issues

Governmental support of agriculture rises when markets fall, and appears to diminish when prices rise. Given the intractability of developed country governments in their determination to support agriculture when reason dictates that such support should have long since been abandoned, this phenomenon is hardly surprising.

ptslcThe latest Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development analysis of levels of support to agriculture [*] confirms this unsurprising relationship (see also article in European Policy News section this issue). With a 35% plus fall in world agricultural commodity prices between 1997 and 1999, the proportion of farm incomes in

How Data Recovery Gets Done In Irvine

Even if you are not a computer expert, hard drive problems can be killer, but fixable. The first thing that you have to do is to obtain all the necessary cables, an extra computer and other equipment and tools. As soon as you have these materials, search online in order to get the step by step guide for your computer. There will be certain commands to be entered in the computer system so be careful when inputting all the information. You can also download a data recovery software product. Of course, there is a corresponding fee for such software so you’d better prepare your money for it. Follow the instructions given by the software and do not attempt to do something that you are not sure of.

How To Recover Poweredge RAID

A RAID 10 is one of the most important disk arrays for serious computers. If the array has been damaged because of some external and internal factors, you need to perform the necessary actions right away to recover. If you do not do so, it will be difficult on your part to recover the lost files stored on your computer. In order to ensure that this procedure is successfully done, seek the right computer technician who can recover RAIDs. Most computer technicians are very familiar with this process so after a few minutes or hours of fixing the RAID, you will then have your systems back on track.

However, if you are having a hard time fixing your computer problems or are seeking the right person to do it for you, better seek recommendations from your friends or to anyone who knows this very well. An unsuccessful attempt of can potentially damage it. Don’t make this mistake and you’ll be fine.

Some of the software for RAID recovery can be obtained for free. But you have to ensure that it is usable for your particular system because it is just a waste of time if you do not get the right tools. Of course, you also have to prepare the necessary equipment needed for the recovery process. If you do not have a spare computer, you should at least borrow from your friend. Just make sure to follow the right process to recover your Poweredge RAID. Dell RAID arrays do require specialized recovery techniques, so it is always key (more…)

US Exports Add Up

Ever heard a line like, trade is vital to American agriculture? Or, agricultural trade is an important contributor to the nation’s economy?

We’ll bet you have. You may even have used these lines yourself.

But what are the facts behind these oft-repeated generalities? How does agricultural trade really measure up?

aaWe scrutinized the data and consulted trade analysts. Here are some of the answers we found — compiled in this special selection of ratings, rankings, top ten lists and other factual morsels that are worth a byte in any exporter’s laptop files.

In an age …

Should Facebook Be Considered By Your Search Engine Optimization Company?

sfbusdIf you remember first days of Facebook (as a social network available for citizens), you will have to admit that it was understood as a new type of entertainment. But ask any search engine optimization company and they will explain to you that although it was used for fun in the beginning, Facebook is now a great source for internet marketing. It is often used for promoting online businesses and if you own a company, it would be a good idea that you open a fan page and post there regularly. But opening a fan …

Does Europe’s Agri-Policy Make Sense?

deapPoliticians have long justified the existence and maintenance of agriculture policies on the grounds that they protect the incomes of small and family business-type farms, thus sustaining all the multifarious functions of agriculture and rural policy.

Indeed, the maintenance of current policies which are now increasingly based on direct subsidisation, is being justified in Europe and other developed counties outside Europe on the grounds that it will favour the less geographically and economically advantaged in maintaining an agriculture capable of serving a number of socially, environmentally and economically desirable functions.

The reality is however that …