US Exports Add Up

Ever heard a line like, trade is vital to American agriculture? Or, agricultural trade is an important contributor to the nation’s economy?

We’ll bet you have. You may even have used these lines yourself.

But what are the facts behind these oft-repeated generalities? How does agricultural trade really measure up?

aaWe scrutinized the data and consulted trade analysts. Here are some of the answers we found — compiled in this special selection of ratings, rankings, top ten lists and other factual morsels that are worth a byte in any exporter’s laptop files.

In an age …

Will Investors Consider A Strong Ag Concern For Their Capital?

Capital not only won’t consider agriculture, as now structured, in the future, it will “flee” the industry, he said.

acCooper and Zell, in remarks to the agribusiness leaders and interviews with Feedstuffs, said agriculture can’t succeed as an industry in which thousands of producers make independent, individual decisions about what they can produce based on their productive resources rather than on what they can add value to and sell. The industry’s structure must become “dramatically and profoundly” different, they said.

Cooper and Zell spoke to the agribusiness leaders at the 10th annual conference of the

Should Facebook Be Considered By Your Search Engine Optimization Company?

sfbusdIf you remember first days of Facebook (as a social network available for citizens), you will have to admit that it was understood as a new type of entertainment. But ask any search engine optimization company and they will explain to you that although it was used for fun in the beginning, Facebook is now a great source for internet marketing. It is often used for promoting online businesses and if you own a company, it would be a good idea that you open a fan page and post there regularly. But opening a fan …

AMA Can’t Escape The Master

amaThe American Medical Association is not about to shut down its lucrative Physician Masterfile, a treasure chest of biographical information on doctors that generates about $23 million in annual revenue for the Chicago-based organization.

As expected, the AMA’s policymaking House of Delegates, meeting last week in Chicago, skirted any action on a resolution to limit the organization’s use of the database, which is used by pharmaceutical firms to target physicians through their prescribing patterns. Filled with personal and professional information on more than 800,000 U.S. physicians, it is the most richly detailed and comprehensive repository …

Clinical Information Vendors Ready To Serve It Up

civrClinical information will have to be computerized before it can be used to manage care systematically, and most healthcare facilities have a long way to go to get their data off charts or clipboards.

But that’s only the beginning, say experts on using information in clinical settings. Once computerized, the data have to become part of an overall effort to coordinate the contributions of many departments toward patient diagnosis and treatment.

For example, if pharmacy information is not easily integrated with lab results, medical history or nursing documentation, a doctor might not get a complete …

Food Safety, The WTO And Europe: A Good Ol’ Party

fsThe European Union’s recent submission to the World Trade Organisation negotiations on farm trade liberalisation dealing with the issue of animal welfare (see AE1907, 30.6.00, EP/4) is symptomatic of the growing concern in the European agriculture industry that the increasing burden of animal welfare and environmental costs on the livestock industry is not being reflected in international trade regulations. The animal welfare issue is only part of the non-trade – but trade related – objections to complete liberalisation which the EU can be expected to raise during the course of the negotiation.

There is little

Does Europe’s Agri-Policy Make Sense?

deapPoliticians have long justified the existence and maintenance of agriculture policies on the grounds that they protect the incomes of small and family business-type farms, thus sustaining all the multifarious functions of agriculture and rural policy.

Indeed, the maintenance of current policies which are now increasingly based on direct subsidisation, is being justified in Europe and other developed counties outside Europe on the grounds that it will favour the less geographically and economically advantaged in maintaining an agriculture capable of serving a number of socially, environmentally and economically desirable functions.

The reality is however that …

How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform

htctbbA lot of bloggers are sometimes confused as to what platform to choose. Well, in order to have the best blogging platform, it is important to consider several things. First, know your needs. It is necessary that you know what you need for the entire blogging process so that you can determine the effort and money you need. Some blogging platforms are given for free but you have to purchase some plug-ins so that your website will look nice. If you just purchase the plug-ins without even thinking if you need it, you just have …